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Competition and Antitrust

Opinions and consulting services in cases of economic concentration (mergers and acquisitions) and business cooperation (joint ventures), including their corporate planning. Advice on the structuring of operations to be submitted to CADE for review. Analysis of competition/antitrust risk. Advice on the negotiating of agreements with the authorities for approval of operations or to reduce the harm to businesses. Analysis of internal business practices and construction of antitrust compliance programs. Advice on due diligence procedures. Opinions, and advice in administrative inquiries, investigations and administrative proceedings involving allegations of anti-competitive conduct before CADE. Advice on the construction of defense strategy, negotiation of settlements (TCC).

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Consulting services on competition issues and related matters before Brazilian regulatory agencies. Analysis, research and opinions. Advice on the construction of arguments in public consultations. Analysis of competitive effects of public policies on regulated markets.

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Trade & Financing

Trade remedies analysis (antidumping, countervailing measures and safeguards) before the Brazilian Investigating Authority (DECOM/SECEX). Public interest investigations before GTIP/CAMEX. Tariff reductions, Export financing and guarantees. Analysis of eligibility for BNDES lines of financing.

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Anticorruption Compliance

Analysis and review of internal proceedings and operations. Risk analysis. Analysis of internal commercial practices and conception, training and monitoring of in-house compliance programs. Negotiation of agreements.

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